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We spent 14 days preparing the ultimate Osaka Food Guide, and we will introduce you to 11 Japanese dishes to try in Osaka and then share the restaurants where you can taste them. In our vegetarian guide to Tokyo, we have focused on finding the best vegetarian restaurants in and around Osaka that serve Japanese dishes. This branch is considered one of the good restaurants in Osaka for offering fried meat and vegetables on skewers at prices that fit your holiday budget.

This is the only place in Osaka where you can get Hokkaido-branded Shiraoi beef, which has been praised by representatives from various countries. Dotonbori is one of the most popular restaurants in the Osaka area for its delicious beef and pork dishes.

The best-known - Okonomiyaki - is from Hiroshima, but the Kansai region, to which Osaka belongs, produces its own version of the dish. It also serves Hiroshima's most popular dish, the Hiroshima - san (Hiroshima - s - ku). Osaka is ahead of Hiroshima in terms of the best - in - Okonomiciyakis in the world, with their spicy pork and the most delicious kimchee (s'mores).

With such an intense culinary culture, Osaka is full of dining options, from Japanese street food on Dontonbori Street to fine restaurants in Kappa. Takama's famous soba restaurants claim that there are many to be found in Tokyo, but in particular there are restaurants that specialize in kimchee (s'mores) and other dishes such as sashimi, kabocha and shabu-ku. Osaka, with its wonderful people literally walking to their favorite restaurant on the block, long shopping streets that seem never-ending, dimly lit and restaurant-filled alleyways, is everything we love about Japan.

Amano is a sushi restaurant that has been awarded 1 Michelin star for Fukushima-ku in Osaka and 2 stars for Tokyo.

Koryu, located in the bustling north of Osaka, serves a unique Osaka style. There are many different types of sushi restaurants in the Osaka area, but it is one of the nationwide franchises that can be found throughout Japan.

The first restaurant they made was said to be the first sushi restaurant to be eaten in the city of Osaka in 1881, just a few years after the end of World War II.

If you travel with Shinkansen from Shin - Osaka train station to Tokyo, Nagoya or any other destination, stop at Tempozan Market Square in downtown Noren Meguri in Osaka, a food court located just blocks from Shin Osaka train station. This faux Edo-era shopping street, lined with small restaurants selling a wide range of food, clothing and other items, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Osaka (see previous entry). This is a great place to get sushi if you are hungry and looking for a satisfying meal. In Tokyo's Shibuya district, near the Shinto Shrine of Shogakukan, you can eat food like negiyaki, which is filled with negi (long green onions) with okonomiyakis.

If you have a lot of walking, restaurants near the Shin - Osaka train station offer a variety of lunches and dinners for a full Osaka gourmet experience. In Umeda, where there are many people, you will find numerous Japanese restaurants and restaurants serving delicious dishes.

If you're in Osaka, try Hakozushi, and of course there's the hand-pressed Nigirizushi that everyone knows and that you can find in sushi shops in Tokyo and elsewhere. For a quick, Osaka - cheap food, all these options are great, but if you have really tasty gyoza in a few other cities, try it at one of the restaurants

Okonomiyaki restaurants are everywhere, but one of the most famous is Mizuno in Dotonbori. Honkogetsu is known as one of the best restaurants in Osaka and offers a wide selection of dishes specializing in everything from kabocha (a kind of rice cake) to kimchee (an appetizer) and kibbbuzle. One of our most popular foods in Osaka is Okonomiya, a kind of kombucha with sweet and sour sauce and spicy, spicy sauce.

Although Osaka has four three-star Michelin restaurants, most Kentucky residents are unaware of the Japanese restaurant Osaka in Lexington and are unaware that there is another three-star restaurant in Osaka and Hyogo prefectures - the UK Cafe. Semba Jiyuken has several restaurants, one of which is just a few blocks from the Kentucky State University campus, so the connection is obviously beyond that location. While JiyaKen is exclusive to Osaka, it can also be found in other parts of Japan and even the United States.

Some restaurants in Osaka serve beef from nearby Kobe, while others offer Kobe beef and Kobe pork on the menu in Osaka.

If you fancy udon, soba and auyakodon, this is the place to enjoy them in Osaka.

If you want to sample some of the best Izakaya food and drinks in Osaka, try Hoped - on, a vegetarian friendly restaurant that Osaka enjoys. You can find out more about it here, so you can plan your itinerary around it. Why not plan an online zoom tour with us so we can make it to Osaka and hear your thoughts on where to eat in and around Osaka from a guide who knows Osaka inside out? Click here to book a walk through Osaka Japan, Japan's second largest city, where you can see all the sights and taste the local Osaka (Japan) favorite foods.

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