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Summer Sonic is Japan's biggest rock festival, so grab some of the biggest acts from Japan and abroad here in Osaka! The festival takes place in the beautiful Aizendo Temple and it is all about dressing up in the best yukata (summer kimono) and soaking up the summer atmosphere.

Danjiri (swimming - pulling) is held in various locations across Japan, but the most famous and probably most dangerous is in the Kishiwada city of Osaka. It is held every year in different cities, the most popular and famous being Yamaboko and Junko.

Note also that the Summer Festival of Sapporo includes a wide range of events that span a period of about a month. Visitors can feel at home in the rich nature away from the bustling city and there are plenty of places to see cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. Osaka Expo Park is particularly popular as it is one of the best places in Japan to see cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, and also a great place for picnics.

Japanese love one or two big or small festivals, and there are a whole range of different festivals in Japan. Among the best places in Osaka to enjoy the Hanami season are the Hanoi Festival, the Sapporo Summer Festival and even the Spring Festival. In Japan there is a traditional Matsuri, which means festival in Japanese, but it varies greatly from region to region. For those new to Japan, this is a great festival to experience unique Japanese customs.

Osaka also has music festivals, the most popular being the Summer Sonic Festival, which takes place in early August. But to see Osaka at its best, you have to see one of the many Osaka festivals. So don't miss the Moon Observation Festival, the Osaka Moon Viewing Festival or the Moon Festival, which takes place in two locations in Osaka Prefecture. Osaka City Hall also hosts a number of cultural events, such as the Japan Museum of Contemporary Art, a modern art museum and a cultural center.

The castle is located in Osaka Castle Park and is a popular place to visit, especially during the cherry blossom season. Osaka begins to flower in late July and early August with the legendary cherry blossoms, also known as sakura, and in September and October.

Osaka hosts several spectacular winter lighting events, and visitors can enjoy the romantic backdrop until late at night. And last but not least, it is worth remembering that the Osaka events last from January to the end of the month, with the annual Osaka Winter Illumination Festival on January 31st and 2nd.

If you plan to visit Osaka or Kyoto, have a look at our Kyoto - Osaka sightseeing pass or if you plan to explore other parts of Western Japan, you should also check out this article. If you are planning your first visit to Osaka and are wondering what good things you can do and experience in Osaka, check out our Osaka Bucket List. For a quick visit to Osaka, you can pick the best highlights from the Osaka list and plan the perfect route for Osaka in one day. From Osaka to Kyoto to Hiroshima, you can also read our article to get a deeper overview of all the events in and around Osaka.

Forget the Osaka vibe, you can visit some of the most popular Japanese tourist destinations such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Kyoto - Osaka.

Osaka is a very lively city by day, but there are many things to do in Osaka at night. The surroundings and the true aesthetic of the park are a little rustic, especially compared to the more popular tourist destinations such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Kyoto - Osaka.

The Osaka Mecha Happy Festival is held at various locations throughout the city, including Osaka Castle Park. It is very possible to visit Kyoto in Osaka on a short trip and enjoy the best highlights in one day. If you are planning your first visit to Osaka, you should put all the listed activities on your bucket list and have the perfect trip to Osaka and back in just a few days. You can also get a feel for the weather of Osaka from month to month through the dates of the best festivals, and discover the good time of year to visit Osaka.

This festival originally began in the 10th century and is considered one of the most famous in Japan. It is said to have begun as a celebration of peace and harmony between the Japanese people and the gods and goddesses. This means that it is counted as one of the three largest Japanese festivals and begins on the first day of April, the day after the beginning of spring.

Although there are other Tenjin festivals that take place in other parts of Japan, this is the most famous. This particular shrine currently costs admission, which is much lower than the entrance fees of several other Buddhist shrines in Osaka and Japan as a whole.

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More About Osaka