Osaka, Japan

Osaka city is a very beautiful and designated city in japan and is the third largest city on the island of Honshu. It has a population of 2.5 million approximately and by daytime population Osaka is considered to be the second largest city in japan and third largest city by nighttime population. Osaka is renowned for its modern lifestyle followed by modern architecture, street food and dazzling night life. Osaka has established itself in around 1,92,000 business domains and mostly central functions and economy gathering of the government are held here. Apart from its stabilized economy, which accounts for about 4 % Japan’s GDP and more or less closer to the economy of Vietnam, the city’s center of attraction is  also evident from its surroundings brimming with peach and Cherry-blossom trees and park with proliferation of plums.

Amazing Visiting spots 

Osaka city has some of the eye-catching sights and bewitching places which helps unwind you for some time and make your day worth visiting to these places.

  • There is a place called “Tennoji” in the southern part of the city which offers you amazing glance of beautiful historic temple of Shitennoji, and Osaka zoo is another appealing place to visit to feel the nature vibes around animals.
  • Those seeking for novelty in the city’s attraction will find peaceful ambience in Osaka’s Korea town with delicious Korean food and its beautiful surroundings.
  • Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum will draw your attention who likes to get immersed in exquisite arts and Maritime Museum has been built near sea to feel the breeze and windy air.

Shopping places

  • Umeda’s small department stores and aesthetic small shops will draw your quick attention towards products.
  • Osaka’s Namba place has underground malls with having around 180 shops and will get to see everything from big brands outlets to household shopping accessories. 
  • Nippombashi is famous for electronic gadgets, other industrial type electronics and PC components and offers lucrative deals to its customers as well.